Fix My Racquet

Fix My Racquet Open December 8-9, 2018

Back by popular demand!!

The Open!!

The timing of this tournament could not be better… the prize money is doubled to help with those Christmas expenses.. great warm up for the Longhorn Open.. lose a pound or two so you can eat more of the holiday junk.. get away from those visiting inlaws for a while… one of a kind super special never before seen trophies just for this tourney (thanks Tim Baghurst)

And remember, this is the FixMyRacquet Open, so go into those walls extra hard, have no respect for that other guy swinging his racquet as you go for the same ball, go outside and smash that racquet that ran out of winners… Randy and Michelle will be standing by to restore that stick back to new!!!

Enter early!

All singles divisions will play on Saturday 12/8 only.
All doubles divisions will play on Sunday 12/9 only.

Round Robin or pool play will be used for every division, with a semifinal/final when there are multiple pools.

Matches are two games to 11, no tiebreaker.

Clay Madsen Recreation Center
1600 Gattis School Road
Round Rock, Texas 78664

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