Clay Madsen Recreation Center - Racquetball in Round Rock

THE Tourney Annnouncement – March 7-8, 2020

Clay Madsen Recreation Center
1600 Gattis School Road
Round Rock, Texas 78664

March 7-8, 2020

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THE Tournament…
As generic a tourney as can be.. nothing fancy, no tricks, gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors… same early start for some, cold pizza, funky awards….
You get several chances to kick someone’s butt…. and that’s worth it!!!

2 games to 11
$100 to the winner of Men’s Open (based on 12 players)
$200 to the winning Men’s Open doubles team (based on 10 teams)
$100 to the winning Mixed Doubles team (based on 5 teams)
Prizes or awards for all other divisions

There is a juniors event, but juniors that enter any event offered take $10 off each event… contact the tourney director to get the discount.

money in singles based on 10 player
money in doubles based on 8 teams

Event Description:
Two day shootout…. Singles on Saturday Doubles on Sunday

Racquetball Specific Info
Sanctioned: Yes.
Division Type: Combination of Division Types
Competition Level: Local Area
Environment: Indoor
Surface Type: Wooden
Wall Material: Panel
Wall Type: 4 Wall
Ball: Penn Purple